"daring, adventurous
  and militant"


Just Another Photo Festival


We are a a guerrilla photography, film and new media festival that democratizes visual media by bringing it back to the world itself and forging new audiences.

We believe that access to photography and the arts should be open and democratic.

From blue collar districts through to slums; from the banks of the Ganges to rural villages and everywhere in between, we have reached out to a variety of communities to build a grassroots platform for the visual arts.

JAPF is photography and film for people of all classes, vocations and backgrounds.

We are inspired by new modes of storytelling; we seek not to emulate the monolithic forms of the past but seek to create a festival is reflective of new digital forms and the interconnectivity of contemporary life.

With no base we will constantly evolve, adapting to the needs of the audience and the spaces to which we travel.




Gallerist and curator Carine Dolek called the us, “adventurous, daring and militant” and JM Colberg, in Conscientious Photography Magazine, said it “brings photography back to what the medium does best. It brings it back to the photographs themselves, and these photographs are shown to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.”






Since our first edition, over 150 photographers, filmmakers and artists have participated in JAPF.

Taking place in Kolkata in December 2017, our next edition will continue to forge new audience and take the visual arts to the people.




"The idea behind JAPF is both simple and revolutionary: bringing photography, a medium that has often been regarded as a window to the world, back to the world itself: by getting its hands a little dirty, by removing it from an aseptic, out-of-context way of experiencing, the works shown at JAPF shine with a brand new strength."
Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Vogue Italia




After our first edition, The British Journal of Photography names us as one of the top 15 'Cool & Noteworthy' events in the "annual showcase of most memorable and outstanding contributions to the year in photography."